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Please forward this error screen to 66. Please forward this error screen to 216. Talking to and reading with your child are two terrific ways to help them hear and read new words. Conversations and questions about interesting words are easy, non-building a better vocabulary pdf ways to get new words into everyday talk.

Here are some ideas to get you started. All parents want their child to do well in school. One way to help your child is to help them build their vocabulary. Beginning readers use knowledge about words to help them make sense of what they’re reading. The more words a reader knows, the more they are able to comprehend what they’re reading or listening to. How do you think he went down the hill? Sharing a new word with your child doesn’t have to take a long time: just a few minutes to talk about the word and then focus back on the book or conversation.

Choose which words to talk about carefully — choosing every new word might make reading seem like a chore. The best words to explore with your child are ones that are common among adult speakers but are less common to see in the books your child might read. Remember that really big watermelon we got at the grocery store? Can you think of something really big that you saw today?

Lastly, keep your new words active within your house. Over the next few days and weeks, take advantage of opportunities to use each new vocabulary word in conversation. Take the time to share new words and build your child’s vocabulary. Get our free monthly parent tips delivered right to your inbox! My son and I choose a prefix and then try to think of as many words as possible that have that a common prefix or root, focusing on the definitions and what aspect of the definitions the words have in common. It’s a lot more fun than trying to memorize Greek and Latin roots.

When there is a connection it’s easier to remember. Make reading with your child everyday a priority. Let your child follow the words as you read with a small flashlight. Cherish this special time, soon they’ll be reading to you!

Intentionally taking time to talk with children is a very effective way of building their vocabulary, probably more so than buying a program of some sort. Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically. Lines and paragraphs break automatically. Summer Reading Tips to Go! Delivered to your mobile phone in English or Spanish.

Start with a Book: Read. Find the best apps for building literacy skills. Target the Problem: Pinpoint the problem a struggling reader is having and discover ways to help. Pinpoint the problem a struggling reader is having and discover ways to help. What parents, teachers and child care providers need to know.

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