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Hogan is notable for ben hogan book five lessons pdf profound influence on golf swing theory and his legendary ball-striking ability. The two would tie for the lead at the annual Christmas caddie tournament in December 1927, when both were 15.

Nelson sank a 30-foot putt to tie on the ninth and final hole. Nelson sank another substantial putt on the final green to win by a stroke. The following spring, Nelson was granted the only junior membership offered by the members of Glen Garden. Club rules did not allow caddies age 16 and older, so after August 1928, Hogan took his game to three scrubby daily-fee courses: Katy Lake, Worth Hills, and Z-Boaz.

January 1930, more than six months shy of his 18th birthday. They married in April 1935 at her parents’ home. His early years as a pro were very difficult, and Hogan went broke more than once. Although it took a decade to secure his first victory, Hogan’s wife Valerie believed in him, and this helped see him through the tough years when he battled a hook, which he later cured. Hogan threw himself across Valerie in order to protect her, and would have been killed had he not done so, as the steering column punctured the driver’s seat. His doctors said he might never walk again, let alone play golf competitively. Hogan left the hospital on April 1, 59 days after the accident.

After regaining his strength by extensive walking, he resumed golf activities in November 1949. 72 holes, but lost the 18-hole playoff. It still stands among the greatest single seasons in the history of professional golf. Hogan often declined to play in the PGA Championship, skipping it more and more often as his career wore on.

There were two reasons for this. Second, the PGA required several days of 36 holes per day competition, and after his 1949 auto accident, Hogan struggled to manage more than 18 holes a day. Ben Hogan is widely acknowledged to have been among the greatest ball strikers ever to have played golf. Although he had a formidable record as a tournament winner, it is this aspect of Hogan which mostly underpins his modern reputation. Hogan was known to practice more than any other golfer of his contemporaries and is said to have “invented practice”.

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