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Unsourced material basic english grammar structures and vocabulary pdf be challenged and removed. However, the simple past is rarely used in informal French, and the imperfect subjunctive is rarely used in modern French at all. The imperative mood, which only has first-person plural and second-person singular and plural forms, usually has forms similar or identical to the corresponding ones in the present indicative.

A plural noun that refers to both males and females is masculine. A noun’s gender is not perfectly predictable from its form, but there are some trends. Often one gender is preferred over the other. Grammatical gender, however, may serve to distinguish some of these. In common speech this is almost never done, so singular and plural forms of most nouns are homophonous in all contexts.

However, some French nouns have distinguishable spoken plural forms. Nouns in French are not inflected for any other grammatical categories. French has three articles: definite, indefinite, and partitive. The partitive article is similar to the indefinite article but used for uncountable singular nouns.

An adjective must agree in gender and number with the noun it modifies. French adjectives therefore have four forms: masculine singular, feminine singular, masculine plural, and feminine plural. The masculine singular, an adjective’s basic form, is listed in dictionaries. Unlike liaison after plural nouns, liaison after plural adjectives is common and even obligatory in standard usage. Due to the aforementioned rules, French adjectives might have four distinguished written forms which are all pronounced the same.

This is the case if an adjective’s masculine and feminine forms are homophonous and if there is no liaison between the adjective and a following noun. On the other hand, if the masculine and feminine forms have different pronunciations and liaison does occur, all four forms can be distinguishable in pronunciation. Adjective declension is therefore important in spoken French, though to a lesser extent than in writing. All forms distinguished in pronunciation are also distinguished in writing, but not vice versa. Some adjectives change position depending on their meaning, sometimes preceding their nouns and sometimes following them.

French are used to modify adjectives, other adverbs, verbs, or clauses. Adverbs themselves are generally invariable. French prepositions link two related parts of a sentence. In word order, they are placed in front of a noun in order to specify the relationship between the noun and the verb, adjective, or other noun that precedes it.

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