Are rachel and santana dating, santana s not afraid a glee fanfic

Your review has been posted. Santana tilted her head in confusion. PillsburySam follows Mercedes out of the choir room asking about her intentions on marriage, bringing up a guy who is great at impressions and is totally into her himself. But her heart already belonged to someone. Santana-Rachel Relationship.

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Are rachel and santana dating

This could be because they were in it. They are both feeling drowsy after the events of the night before, and they are both in shock to see the apartment robbed. Mercedes-Santana Relationship. And even though you act like you're this untouchable person made of stone, I know you have feelings for me, too. At the end of the conversation, Quinn points out that she is wearing Sam's ring, asian women leaving Sam jumping in the air.

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When Quinn pays for a kiss at Finn's kissing booth, Sam is there to watch, aziz ansari on online making sure nothing happens. Brittany-Santana-Quinn Relationship. Rachel and Santana exchange dismayed glances and all three are clearly upset by the news. She was tired of it at home.

After a quick Glee Club meeting where Mr. The scene then cuts to their apartment, where the duo sing Let It Be with Kurt and Dani, as they drink champagne in celebration. But Santana tells her it is very personal and that Rachel loves to have something over her. Rachel's eyes were almost closed.

The only team available for Sam was the synchronized swimming team. Santana-Blaine Relationship. Later, Kurt buys Rachel and Santana boyfriend arm pillows, rebound internet dating but makes Santana's a girl's arm.

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Are rachel and santana dating

Sam dumps Quinn and begins dating Santana, leaving Quinn heartbroken. Santana also propositions him with the idea that dating her make him more popular and using sex as a bribe. Santana and Rachel have been dating in secret, keeping up appearances and everything at McKinley.

Kurt reminds her that she does not own Elliott. Rachel and Santana are sitting at the counter at the Spotlight Diner when Kurt emerges from the kitchen, frantic. Tina in the Sky with Diamonds. The girls scattered like mice from the Latina and she strutted a path through the hall. Kitty-Brittany Relationship.

Rachel-Santana Relationship

  • She pushed away from Santana's embrace, which hurt both girls.
  • During the meeting, Rachel prompts the girls to get their boyfriends to confront Dave so he will stop bullying Kurt.
  • The next day, however, when things go awry, Rachel calls Santana and asks for her to replace a drunk Santa Claus and, even though Santana is hesitant at first, she later arrives as Mrs.
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When Mercedes questions his actions, Sam says that he is holding her hand like it's the most obvious thing in the world. Or do drug dealers not get to vote? Brittany-Finn Relationship.

Rachel tells him she is under a lot of stress and needs their support, because it's really hard being a star. After the performance, Rachel talks to Santana in the bathroom. Kurt-Mercedes Relationship.

Rachel-Santana Relationship

Previously Unaired Christmas. One minute you love me, the next you're in Queen Bitch mode and treat me like I'm worthless. Later, at Burt and Carole's wedding, the glee club performs Marry Yousplit into different couples, with Sam singing a large part of the song with Quinn. When Rachel is on the phone, Santana imitates someone who snorts cocaine.

Quinn-Brittany Relationship. They seem to be close during this performance and are seen having their arms around each other during part of it. Rachel was quieter than a church mouse as she heard a knock at her door. Afterwards, Santana and Quinn are invited to dinner by Rachel.

Kurt is excited about that night's band rehearsal, but Rachel dropps out because she has to be at the auditions for her understudy, which she finds to be ridiculous. Back at the loft, Rachel is sorting through a draw of Santana's lingerie-what used to be her scented candle draw-and is caught by Santana. Santana, along with the rest of the glee club, is at the train station for Rachel's departure. Santana smiled because she recognized the sleepiness in her voice.

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Santana suggests playing a prank on Kurt in order to cheer her up, and Rachel agrees. Will also include Quinn and Brittany later. The hallway was pretty much empty and she expected Santana to apologize. Mercedes warns him that Shane is built like a bulldozer. After realizing that Sam was actually fantasizing about Beiste to cool down around Quinn, Quinn is embarrassed and shocked, alexandra franzen online dating and apologizes to him.

Glee sam and santana dating

Much to Rachel's joy, the review is a positive one which makes Santana and the rest of their friends very happy as well. Tina-Mercedes Relationship. But, thankfully, Kurt calms them both down and suggests they sit down and watch a movie.

Rachel-Santana Relationship

Pezberry Week Chapter 1 Innapropriate Flirting a glee fanfic

  1. Rachel and Santana later sit on a couch together near the Christmas tree, where Rachel tries to convince Santana to move to New York and live with her and Kurt.
  2. In the girl's bathroom, Mercedes finds Rachel crying over her fight with Santana.
  3. Rachel tells Elliott he can use the song as a means of deciding which girl he thinks is better.
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Sebastian-Blaine Relationship. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Sebastian-Kurt Relationship. Mercedes describes their time as fun, and that's what Sam thought but that it doesn't change the fact that she is dating Shane.

Santana s Not Afraid a glee fanfic

Rachel and Santana are both shocked to see Kurt and Cody making out. Quinn-Santana-Brittany Relationship. After Will gets sick and is absent from the Glee Club, Rachel tries to take the front seat.

Are rachel and santana dating
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