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This article has multiple issues. As of now, this article is quite disorganized and anatomy of the head and neck pdf images. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The neck contains vessels that links structures in the head to the body.

Around these sit soft tissues, including muscles, and between and around these sit the other structures mentioned above. Muscles of the neck attach to the base of the skull, the hyoid bone, the clavicles and the sternum. The large platysma, sternocleidomastoid muscles contribute to the shape at the front, and the trapezius and lattissimus dorsi at the back. A number of other muscles attach to and stem from the hyoid bone, facilitating speech and playing a role in swallowing. Sensation to the front areas of the neck comes from the roots of nerves C2-4, and at the back of the neck from the roots of C4-5. The spinal cord sits within the cervical part of the vertebral column. From top to bottom the cervical spine is gently curved in convex-forward fashion.

In addition, the neck is highly flexible and allows the head to turn and flex in all directions. Disorders of the neck are a common source of pain. The neck has a great deal of functionality but is also subject to a lot of stress. Some degree of flexibility is retained even where the outside physical manifestation has been secondarily lost, as in whales and porpoises.

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