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This easy-to-use map provides summaries of ocean sport fishing regulations. Just choose the portion of the California coast where you plan to fish, and you will access a summary of current sport fishing regulations for that area. To protect, maintain, enhance, and restore California’s marine ecosystems for amazing facts about science pdf ecological values and their use and enjoyment by the public through good science and effective communication.

Please forward this error screen to 62. What is there to say about lips? They’re essential equipment for eating and speaking, of course. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you.

And we’d look pretty silly without them, wouldn’t we? But if you think that’s all there is to say–and know–about human lips, you’re in for a big surprise. FACT: Your lips are unique. Many animal species have lips, of course. FACT: Your lips can help you choose a mate.

It seems that locking lips brings potential mates close enough that they exchange biological information–via sniffing another’s pheromones. Women are believed to prefer the scent of men whose immune systems differ from their own–and pheromones may be a key to this determination. FACT: That fleshy bump in the middle of your upper lip has a name. FACT: Your lips can say something about your sexuality. Hard to believe, but recent research links the shape of a woman’s lips with her ability to achieve orgasm.

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